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the Inn at East Beach
the Inn at East Beach
the Inn at East Beach
the Inn at East Beach

Frank Answers Questions

When you choose The Inn at East Beach, you not only get a rewarding stay at one of the top-rated hotels in Santa Barbara, California. You get the all the budget-savvy travel advice you want from General Manager Frank Santana.

Frank and his wife Linda have managed The Inn at East Beach hotel in Santa Barbara for over 19 years, and by now they’ve got this eclectic city pretty much figured out. We asked the dynamic duo to tell us some of their favorites in this unique F.A.Q. (“Frank Answers Questions”):

What is your favorite restaurant that you tell your guests about?
“We have five faves, depending on what we’re in the mood for. Los Agaves for Mexican, Palazzio for Italian, Arigato for sushi, Arch Rock Café for seafood and the Wine Cask for California Cuisine (they also have the best wine cellar in town).”

What is your favorite restaurant nobody knows about?
“Two favorites here. Downey’s, which serves New American cuisine, and The Santa Barbara Shellfish Company, which has great seafood, particularly the crab.”

What’s the best place to get souvenirs in Santa Barbara?
“Stearns Wharf has several shops devoted to souvenirs ... and ice cream!”

What are a few “can’t miss” things to see in Santa Barbara?
“Lotusland, which is a whimsical botanical garden. The Mission in Santa Barbara, the 10th Mission of California, which is known as ‘The Queen of the Missions.’ Also, the Red Tile walking tour, which highlights some of Santa Barbara’s most treasured landmarks.”

What's the best dining deal in town?
“Palazzio Italian Restaurant is affordable and absolutely delicious. The portions are huge and everything is served family-style, so bring an appetite. And show up early to beat the crowds.”

What's the best attraction deal in town?
“Soho music club. Terrific live music with your meal every night of the week. Great happy hours, too!”

What do you recommend for outdoorsy folks?
“Santa Barbara's beautiful hiking trails will surprise even the most experienced hikers. You can pick up a free hiking map at the Visitor Center down the street.”

Any favorite romantic attractions or dinner spots?
“Dinner at Stella Mare's is great for a classically romantic evening.”

What's the best way to get around the city?
“I'd recommend the waterfront shuttle. It can get you all along the waterfront and State Street for only a quarter each way. A terrific deal and a fun way to explore Santa Barbara.”

I'm beach-bound. Have any favorite spots?
“The skate park down near the pier is a fun place to hang out and watch the skaters. East Beach also has several free volleyball nets which are very popular.”

What's your favorite exhibit at the Santa Barbara Zoo?
“The giraffes. Absolutely!”

Any cool recommendations for families?
“The Ty Warner Sea Center at the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History is perfect for families. They have a new jellyfish touch tank that the kids will love.”

Just what's so special about Santa Barbara?
“Everything is special about this place.”

Got a question for Frank? Send us your questions here, and you just might see it in our F.A.Q. someday soon.


can't miss Lotusland, a one-of-a-kind botanical garden.