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Santa Barbara Zoo: Hotel within Walking Distance

What makes The Inn at East Beach the favorite choice in Santa Barbara Zoo hotels? It’s simple: we’re super-affordable, family-friendly and located in walking distance to all the fun of the Santa Barbara Zoo. Avoid the parking hassles - avoid the car altogether! - and enjoy a fabulous afternoon exploring the world’s most beautiful small zoo.

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Santa Barbara Zoo Hotel Package

The beautiful Santa Barbara Zoo is a must see during your visit - and it’s located right down the street! Plan a fun day of meeting new animal friends from around the globe with this exclusive Santa Barbara Zoo package:
  • Accommodations for one night
  • Deluxe continental breakfast in the morning
  • Free parking and Wi-Fi
  • 3 tickets to the Santa Barbara Zoo; mix and match adult or children tickets as need.

Additional tickets may be added for an extra charge.


This package is subject to availability and cannot be combined with other offers, nor can it be added to an already booked and confirmed reservation. There are no refunds for unused zoo tickets.


Santa Barbara Zoo

500 Niños Drive
Santa Barbara, CA 93103
Phone: 805-962-5339

Take a stroll and meet a menagerie of new friends at the Santa Barbara Zoo, located just steps from our Santa Barbara East Beach hotel. The Santa Barbara Zoo is consistently ranked among the top small zoos in the country. What it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in quality animal exhibits and beautiful grounds that you won’t
want to leave.

Exhibits at Santa Barbara Zoo:
The Santa Barbara Zoo is home to more than 500 animals in a scenic 30-acre campus. From end-to-end, you’ll trace the globe, meeting furry, scaly and feathery creatures all along the way.

Some exhibits at Santa Barbara Zoo include:
  • Duncan the T.Rex: an amazingly life-like, not to mention life-size, animatronic T.Rex stars in “How to Train Your Dinosaur,” Santa Barbara Zoo’s wild new weekend show.
  • African Veldt: a big favorite! The African Veldt is home to Santa Barbara Zoo’s famous Baringo giraffes and playful meerkats. Nearby you’ll also find the Cats of Africa exhibit featuring African lions and endangered black-footed cats.
  • Penguin House: the Crawford Family Penguin House is home to mischievous Humboldt penguins, with both above ground and underwater viewing.
  • Elephant Walk: the two massive Asian elephants, Sujatha and Little Mac, have been favorites of the Santa Barbara Zoo since 1972.
  • The Forest’s Edge: this popular exhibit houses two adult Western Lowland gorillas, Goma and Kivu, who have grown up from adolescence at the Santa Barbara Zoo.
  • Santa Barbara Zoo Events: the zoo hosts both family and upscale events throughout the year. Learn more at:
Hours and Pricing:
Santa Barbara Zoo is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Special holiday hours may apply. Adult admission is $14. Child/senior admission is $10. Parking is $6. The average visit lasts about 2.5 hours.

Avoid the cost of parking by staying at the first choice in Santa Barbara Zoo hotels - The Inn at East Beach Hotel.


The waterfront shuttle stops one block away and is $0.50 one-way.